About the homestead and Neris regional park
We take a pride of possibility to invite you to our homestead, located in an idiosyncratic place – the Neris Regional Park. This park is, first of all, the river Neris itself – with its picturesque surroundings, tiny villages and historical layers of ancient Lithuania.
The exceptional position of the Park, between the two capitals of Lithuania – old Kernavė and Vilnius, determines the abundance of the objects of cultural heritage. The high mounds, saint grove hills, centennial oaks, old settlements and the abundance of barrows along the banks of the river, reveal our ancestors' times, the pattern of their lives, customs and beliefs. In the period of the establishment of the Lithuanian State, these territories were a centre of the unified Lithuanian lands and a core of the establishing Lithuanian State. (More about the park:
And now, we suggest you remember this special place. In the territory, surrounded by the river, you will certainly feel the rush of possitive energy, breath clean air and relax your brain from everyday worries.
The visitors in our homestead will see a house built in 1923, which authenticity we groom as the owners before us did. Afterall, even such long-lived urbanites as we used to be, are fascinated by carring well-water in buckets and heating home with wood, when there is a harsh winter outside. We also cook food in an archaic furnace.
   If you are looking for new and exceptional experience, visit us as soon as possible! A trip in time and space doesn‘t need a long preparation! For those, who go from Vilnius, it is a distance of only 40km, from Trakai– 20km and from Kaunas – 70km.
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