About us
“Academy of adventure” is not just a business, it is a dream that came true. An acquaintance with the first two Malamutes and reflections about our own dog sled turned not only into new means of subsistence but a completely different way of life – with a new approach and new values.
Our motto is: “Do what you love. Your activity must be your lifestyle, not just a way to earn money.” Finally, when there is love and passion, money appears itself!
Having indulged in this intriguing adventure with the most charming and smartest dogs – Huskies and Malamutes, we became the originators of dog sled sports in Lithuania, the first and so far the only certified instructors of this sports in Lithuania. Then, having resigned from our permanent jobs in the capital, we began to organize non-traditional outdoor leisure activities. Our lives have taken completely different directions and focused on our beloved pets. They taught us to look more broadly and now we take care of them as of our children.
Participation in dog sled races
We have organized the Lithuanian and Baltic dog sled races for several years already; we also still participate in international events organized abroad. The reason we do this is not a self-entertainment. Primarily, it is a way to enhance the characters of our pets and to strengthen them physically. After all, in order to be healthy and hardy, a dog should be active and move a lot. What is more, during the preparations to the competitions, we acquire their obedience and during the days of races, they learn to behave properly with other dogs and people. This is the main reason why we take them bravely to the places of mass gatherings and prepare programs with their participation. We are sure that they will remain calm and will not take us unawares, while the gained ratings and titles are a proof to those, who doubt in this.
The activities we offer, the equipment and methods we use
We offer our guests a possibility to get acquainted with the features of the Indian life, to organize an original feast to their children, friends or a collective, to participate in team-building programs that we organize in forests. We also invite them to enjoy a particular nature that surrounds our farm – we take our guest for a walk in Neris Regional Park, we show them the spring of beauty and then, we treat them to a cup of tea at our ancient house, of whose authenticity we take so much pride.
This is the main our activity and source of livelihood, thus our approach to it is very responsible.
Since we had the honor to be the pioneers of this field, we got to know all the subtleties of yoking dogs up through personal experience (there were many bones broken...), so we are aware of the importance of having a good equipment. That is way we yoke our dogs to professional bicycles, tricycles and carts, and in active programs we use a reliable alpinist equipment which ensures a full security of our guests. Having gained experience in the field of leisure time activity organization, we developed not only funny but also useful programs, in which we use globally recognized methods of active psychological trainings and existential group counseling.
In 2006, we included activities with our pets to the list of offered programs. This idea arose when we noticed a great interest of our guests in our puppies. We started receiving request to do the aviaries more and more often. People enjoy communication with dogs – they give their vitality, playfulness and make smile even the moodiest person. Meanwhile, the dogs are very pleased to meet new people and they eager to interact and have fun with the guests. We have also noticed a special connection among them and children, thus we decided to participate in obedience and dog therapy courses in Poland. After that, we started to provide dog therapy services for the first time in Lithuania (more about it: www.hobidog.lt).
Values, mission and vision of the future
Our greatest asset is the ability to enjoy life and the main goal – to pass on to others our best experiences and every good thing that we own. We would like to “infect” others with optimism and contribute to creation of more colorful world. 

A contact number:
We use WathsApp
+370 699 86767
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