Birthday party with huskies
A program with huskies is not only a great way to learn how to behave with animals, to actively spend time outdoors, but also to experience what you have not experienced yet! You can take advantage of this possibility only with us! Only here you will make the acquaintance of our idiosyncratic dogs and will ride a sled with them!
We have prepared an educational/experience-oriented program, in which:
  • You will get to know our 20 extremely friendly huskies that grew up with us from the very first day;
  • We will tell you about the dog sled sports;
  • You will see a real sled and other sports equipment;
  • You will learn to harness dogs yourself and go to aviaries;
  • When you learn everything about the huskies and sleds, you will participate in the races!
  • On coming back to the homestead, you will regale with Inuit tea, prepared on a fire, and share your gained impressions with your friends. 
This program is perfectly suitable for children’s birthdays and other occasions. We also strongly recommend it to children, who spend a lot of time with a computer. Feel free to choose it as an alternative to dog-therapy, which is based on the children’s contact with dogs. This kind of therapy helps children, who are withdrawn or unsure of themselves, who face problems in communicating with their peers and who just dream about a pet. Coming to us, your children will spend time outdoors, become more active and open, learn responsibility and self-support. Finally, they will just feel happier and you will make sure of that, when you see their full of joy eyes.
Since we are the only certified instructors of dog sleds in Lithuania, we can guarantee your child a sense of security and reliability in the accompaniment of our professionals.
Duration of the program: ~2h.
Children’s age: 4-12 years.
Number of participants: up to 15.
Price: 250 eur.
It is a particular program, organized only by us and what is the best – we organize it all year long
We confirm the reservation after receiving an imprest of 50eu (the number of our bank account is indicated in Contacts). 
Want to know more or to order?
A contact number:
We use WathsApp
+370 699 86767
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